Red Lake County Sheriff's Office

It is the mission of the Red Lake County Sheriff's Office to provide consistent, fair, and complete service to all citizens. Timely response and thorough investigation of citizen complaints, proactive patrol, and enforcement of laws and ordinances will achieve these goals. Execution of court orders will be done in a fair and timely manner and carried out as directed. All other services provided to protect human life, property, and keeping of the peace will be conducted effectively and completely.

Members of the Red Lake County Sheriff's Office will conduct themselves in a professional manner and they will treat the public with compassion and respect. All members of the Red Lake County Sheriff's Office will work together, as a team, to provide the public with the highest level of service possible. Although the office of the Sheriff is a political entity, its core statutory functions are based on upon the enforcement of law and the maintenance of order, therefore the carrying out of those functions must be the main priority of all its members.

Mitch Bernstein, Red Lake County Sheriff