Red Lake County Veterans Services

The Red Lake County Veterans Services provides assistance to Veterans and Their dependents regarding State and Federal benefits. The Veterans Service Officer Assists the Veteran and their dependents with processing application for various types of Veterans Benefits. Which include V.A. Health Care, Disability compensation, V.A. pension, Burial benefits and many other State and Federal Benefits.



The Office of Community Care is pleased to announce the new Emergency Care Reporting (ECR) Portal that launched recently. The web-based portal will provide a more efficient and secure method of notifying the VA of Veterans who self present to a community emergency department.




Veterans, their representatives, and vendors can also continue to report emergency treatment or an unplanned hospital admission via phone: 844-72HRVHA (844-724-7842).




Notifying the VA within 72 hours of the start of emergent care is important because it allows the VA to assist in coordinating care or transfer, helps ensure that administrative and clinical requirements for VA to pay for the care are met, and it may impact a Veteran’s eligibility for VA to cover the cost of the emergency treatment.