Red Lake County Social Services

The Social Services building in Red Lake Falls
The Social Services building in Red Lake Falls


Social Services Board meetings occur the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 4pm in the conference room in the basement of the Social Services building.  


Notice from Minnesota Department of Education - Potential Disclosure of Student Records


When visiting our office, it is best to make an appointment to ensure that the appropriate worker is available to see you and that we have adequate space to meet with you.  

If you have your worker's email address you may contact them directly. 

For social worker intake questions or to request someone to contact you, you may email

While we can send email to you securely encrypted, we are not able to guarantee that email you send us is secure, so if you have sensitive information to share, you may wish to call instead.  If we are not able to answer when you call, you may leave a detailed message as our voicemail is secure. 

Red Lake County Social Services seeks the public's input into our services and programs.  You can help us!

You can help us by: Reviewing Documents for which public input is requested or required, or by completing surveys regarding our services and our continuous quality improvement goals. 

If you don't think you matter, please, watch this: You Matter!

Social Services

Information regarding how to access child and adult protection services, mental health, chemical dependency, daycare and foster care licensing, adoption, and elderly and disability waiver services in Red Lake County.

For Public Review and Input

Several plans and services require feedback from the public.  Please share anything you feel would be helpful in shaping available services.


Click the Announcements link to see News and important new information on our services.

Crisis - Text Line

Woman texting
Woman texting

When you contact 988 while struggling or in crisis, your trained counselor will listen, support, and share resources.

Free support is available at your fingertips 24/7.  Call or Text.