Red Lake County Social Services Staff Directory

Social Workers:
Sarah Kollin                         218-253-3111
Kathie Johanneck               218-253-3104
Alicia Dobias                       218-253-3116
Teddi-Ann Pray                   218-253-3107
Arielle Larson                     218-253-3115
Child Protection/Child Welfare Supervisor:
Kristen Hanson                  218-253-3102
Eligibility Workers:
Jessica Jurina                      218-253-3106
Matthew Dokken                 218-253-3108
Natalie Beyer                      218-253-3110
Eligibility Workers’ Supervisor:
Peggy Nord                         218-253-3109
Kristi Nelson                      218-253-3114
Case Aide and Office Support Workers:
CeJae Bakken                    218-253-3112
Alec Schmit                       218-253-3105
Fiscal, Security and IT services:
Penny Grove                      218-253-3113
Child Support Officer:
Brenda Chisholm            218-686-9835