Red Lake County Burning Ordinance

Red Lake County Open Burning Ordinance

Permission for open burning is extended to all residents in Red Lake County, outside city limits without the need for indivisual written or electronic permits, provided the burning conforms to the provisions of the ordinance and state law. County residents planning to burn, must notify the Red Lake County Sheriff's Office.

Conditions of open burning include:

  • Must notify the Sheriff's Office
  • Open burning times are between 3pm and 7am only.
  • Burning of wood & vegetative material only.
  • Burn must be 50+ feet away from any dwellings and structures.
  • Prevailing winds must be away from occupied dwellings and businesses.
  • Wind speeds must be 10mph or less.
  • Area must not be in a drought condition.
  • No burning bans or restrictions in effect.
  • Fires must be controlled and attended to.

For further information on the ordinance, contact your local Fire Chief or the Red Lake County Sheriff's Office.

Download the full ordinance below.