Frequently Asked Questions

What is the number to the jail?

Red Lake County Sheriff's Office does their jailing at the Tri-County Community Correctional Facility in Crookston, MN.   All questions regarding prisoners, prisoner transfers and prisoner visitation should be directed to that number.  The telephone number is 218-470-8100, option 3.

How can I obtain a copy of my drivers license record?

Individual requesters are required to complete a Record Request Form (PS2502). The back of the form lists the allowed reasons to receive the data, or the requester can provide written authorization [Grant Access to Record Authorization Form (PS2506)] from the subject of the data. DVS will determine whether the requester is allowed to receive the information. More information on Minnesota Drivers Licenses can be found on Minnesota Driver and Vehicle Services


What is the status of my drivers license?

You can check the status of your Minnesota drives license online by clicking here.

How do I obtain a criminal history report? 

We cannot run a criminal history for employment purposes, however; generally convictions are public information.  You may contact the Clerk of Court at the county where you believe the conviction took place.  You may also use the following link to access court information:

The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension maintains a public web-site concerning criminal histories.  Please check their web-site at:

How do I obtain a gun permit? 

The Red Lake County Sheriff’s Office handles all gun permit to Carry and Purchase applications for residents of Red Lake County. Applications for both Carry and Purchase permits are available at the Red Lake County Sheriff’s Office and may be obtained Monday - Friday between 8AM and 4:00 PM.  If you have a permit to carry, you do not need a purchase permit. 

There is no fee for a purchase permit, and your permit will be acted on within seven days of returning a completed application.  Purchase permits are good for one year from the date of issuance. 

Carry permits: The Bureau of Criminal Apprehension addresses many frequently asked questions concerning carry permits.  Please visit their web-site at:                   

The Red Lake County Sheriff’s Office charges $100 for processing a carry permit, and has 30 days to either issue or deny the permit, though generally speaking, it does not require this long.  A carry permit is good for five years from the date of issuance.  Whether your permit is a renewal or a first time issue, you must take a BCA approved class within one year of the date of application and provide a copy to our office. If you are looking to take the permit to carry course, courses are offered locally based on demand. Contact Red Lake County Chief Deputy Brad Johnson.

Permit to Carry Downloadable Form:

Permit to Purchase Downloadable Form:

What are the road conditions?

Dial 511 or 1-511. An automated message will give you the most current road information for whatever region of the state you request.  If you have a computer with internet service, type in the address of This website also has additional links to get road conditions from other states.