Complaint Policy

Red Lake County Victim Services
Complaint Policy

Red Lake County Victim Services has adopted a Complaint Policy to ensure there is a fair process for handling complaints that may arise from the work of the program.  Complaints can be submitted by clients, advocates, service providers, agencies and any other people who rely on the program for services and support.  Anonymous complaints will not be addressed. 

A complaint can be made verbally to the program’s supervisor, Tanner Holten, Red Lake County Attorney.  To make an appointment or to speak with Mr. Holten, please call 218 253 2780.

A complaint may also be made in writing by utilizing the program’s Complaint Form.  Written complaints should be submitted to Mr. Holten at PO Box 416, Red Lake Falls MN 56750. 

Program staff will inform clients of the Complaint Policy upon admission to the program through the program’s Crime Victim Services brochure. Program staff shall make the Complaint Policy and Complaint Form available to anyone who has a complaint. 

Once the complaint is filed, the program supervisor will investigate the issue and provide a written response within two weeks from the day of receipt.

The complainant may withdraw their complaint at any time during the process.

For more information or to request a Complaint Form, please contact Victim Services at 218 253 4668 or through mail at PO Box 416, Red Lake Falls MN 56750.